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Welcome to my online home.  I’m either entertaining at a comedy club or college, or lost in a sci fi bookstore.  Or maybe I’m teaching a workshop. If not, I might be watching my Star Trek dvds.  Again.  Check out my blog and follow me on Twitter to find out!

Jennifer Joy Podcast: Where Science Meets Art!

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Welcome to the Jennifer Joy Podcast: Where Science Meets Art!

In this first episode, Benu Muhammad (vocal sound FX master) and I try to answer:  What is life?   … Read More

Hip Hop and the Environment: The SciArt6 presents Benu da Soothsayah

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The SciArt6 music and comedy video is here!

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The SciArt6 is an eco-performance troupe – performance for the environment.  We do comedy, music, dance and more.  Check out the first video… … Read More

The SciArt6 Tours!

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This spring, my environmental performing troupe, The SciArt6, has some touring gigs in upstate NY.  We’ve got some fresh work!  We have new pieces focusing on environmental racism.   … Read More

Telling Evolution Stories via Hip Hop and Comedy

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What’s the most effective way to teach junior high and high school students about science?  Long, droning lectures?  Or by using comedy, characters and hip hop-style vocal sound effects?? … Read More