Artistic Mission


My mission as an artist is to share the joy, wonder, beauty and intrigue of science, through performances and stories. My genres include solo theatre, one-act and full-length plays, sketch comedy, poetry, and short stories. I use scientific concepts, processes and themes to shine light on the human condition.

I’m fascinated by the fervent debates in science. The scientific world is full of passionate conversations and numerous iconoclasts. To have a 95% consensus on a scientific issue, as we do on climate change, is astonishing. I’m intrigued by how the variety of perspectives eventually converges to create new knowledge. I love to explore these and represent them onstage, in podcasts and in video.

I believe that the scientific world needs non-scientists to participate in conversations about everything from scientific discovery, to ethics, to practicable solutions for intractable problems. I hope to bring to the scientific conversation my artist’s passion for discovery through creativity and my commitment to humanistic values.