Is There Intelligent Life Out There?

The Endeavor shuttle, now moth-balled at the CA Science Museum in LA.

I love the idea of space travel! Gravity plating, warp drive, transporter devices… who wouldn’t step onto the Prometheus or the Enterprise in a second?

Of course, the reality is different. Astronauts who spend any significant time in space often experience bone loss and loss of muscle tone. Most disturbingly, the heart seems to get weaker and smaller.

So that’s why I prefer the sci-fi version of space travel. Beam me up! Or wait… if Whitley Streiber is right, they may already have… what do you think? Is there intelligent life out there? Are they watching us?? Will they give us warp drive soon, or enslave us with symbiotes? Or are they frankly disinterested in us, since we’re not as technologically advanced as they are? Or is my one true love out there somewhere, speeding through the galaxy, long blue legs striding the deck of her spaceship… hmmmmm……

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