Queerly Single in a Chaotic Universe

So looking forward to the staged reading of my latest show, “Queerly Single in a Chaotic Universe” – I’m mashing up chaos theory, messing with Trump voters! Featuring characters such as a country singer, a punk rocker, and an astrobiologist – and more. Join us! Monday, July 10, Dixon Place – 161 Chrystie Street, NYC. 7:30.    http://dixonplace.org/performances/queerly-single-in-a-chaotic-universe/

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Protect Endangered Species

Yesterday was Endangered Species Day. This is a great time to think about how humans have affected other life forms on this planet. In short: we have not been very good to them! Life has existed on this planet for 3.8 billion years, and in that time, there have been extinction periods. However, in all that time, scientists have found that there have been 5 major extinction periods. These were caused by global climate change, meteor or comet impacts, massive volcanic activity and other reasons.

Today, however, humans have entered into the fray. Due to climate change, pollution, and the purposeful destruction of habitats, we humans have triggered the 6th major extinction period of life on this planet.

Get involved! We all need to be lobbying our law makers to protect endangered species. The Defenders of Wildlife have a great summary of what we can do: http://www.defendersblog.org/2017/05/dont-let-today-last-celebration-endangered-species-day/

Humans can be a force for good in the world! Get involved today.

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Jennifer Joy Podcast, Episode 4: “Minda the Mammal”

What was life like for mammals during the dinosaur era? I explore this in my latest podcast. Check it out: https://jenniferjoyonline.com/podcasts. Enjoy!

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Jennifer Joy Podcast, Episode 2: Evolution Cooperates??

Check out our latest podcast on evolution! Wherein we ask the question, “Is competition the only driver for evolution?” And answer with bad French accents and NASCAR metaphors. Enjoy!


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Jennifer Joy Podcast: Where Science Meets Art!

Welcome to the Jennifer Joy Podcast: Where Science Meets Art!

In this first episode, Benu Muhammad (vocal sound FX master) and I try to answer:  What is life?  Enjoy!


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Hip Hop and the Environment: The SciArt6 presents Benu da Soothsayah

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The SciArt6 music and comedy video is here!

The SciArt6 is an eco-performance troupe – performance for the environment.  We do comedy, music, dance and more.  Check out the first video…

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The SciArt6 Tours!

This spring, my environmental performing troupe, The SciArt6, has some touring gigs in upstate NY.  We’ve got some fresh work!  We have new pieces focusing on environmental racism.  We’re also updating our sketch comedy with the latest from the Paris accords and the TPP.

See https://jenniferjoyonline.com/sciart6 for the latest!

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Telling Evolution Stories via Hip Hop and Comedy

What’s the most effective way to teach junior high and high school students about science?  Long, droning lectures?  Or by using comedy, characters and hip hop-style vocal sound effects??

My collaborator, Benu Muhammad, and I think students learn best when they’re having fun.  So we’re doing a podcast series that’s playful and funny – and we’re doing it in a professional sound studio, so we can really pull in educators.  Please support us here:



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Improv for STEM Presenters: High School Edition

I had a terrific time this past Saturday with the high school students in the DC Environmentors program.  These folks pair a scientist-mentor with a high school student interested in science, especially environmental science.  The students work on science projects for local, state and national science fairs.

I was incredibly impressed by these students.  They’re smart, creative and expressive.  They are also very quick learners!  They learned the concepts around effective presentations more quickly than most adults I’ve taught!  Here’s what they had to say about the workshop:


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