The Two Cultures Collide

I’m a writer/actor comedian with a passion for science. It started one year when I was doing summer theatre in Santa Rosa, CA. I was going to read Michel Foucault. I think it was “Madness and Civilization.” When I told a friend, he rolled his eyes and said, “Right, the post-modernists. They’ve deconstructed everything; everything is in pieces scattered on the floor. But where are we going now?”

Hmmmm… good question…

I thought that was a great question. So I picked up an old copy of “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”, an early book on quantum physics. Cool stuff! I read more books on quantum physics. And then I got drawn to the Universe Story – the story of the birth and evolution of the universe according to scientific discoveries.


I fell in love with this story! I’m a theatre person, so telling stories is my life. I love the old Jewish saying, “sometimes we need a story more than food.” I think that’s really true, of all human beings. So… to hear the scientific knowledge about how our universe got here in the form of a story was amazing. And it’s a stunning story, full of mystery, awe, suspense and joy. I realized that I wanted this story, and even science itself, to be “where I’m going now”. By spreading this story, real creation story, I felt I could start to counter religious fear and intolerance and help to overcome the scientific illiteracy that is blinding our country to the problems our world is facing. This story encourages us to see this universe and earth as sources of wonder and insight. It helps us take on the pressing problems we’ve created in this world, including pollution and global warming. Because this world is that important, that sacred.

So I started using science in my writing and performing. I’ve got a solo show now, I have a solo show, “The Physics of Love”, in which I compare the birth and evolution of the universe to the birth and evolution of a love story. It’s joyfully nerdy! Check out the preview on my “Physics of Love” page.

I’m also working science into my stand-up act. Check out my “Comedy” pages – both “Corporate” and “Stand-up.”

And if you happen to be at the National Women’s Studies Association Convention in Denver this week, come to my booth! I’m promoting my show there, b/c it’s really ecofeminist. And the love story is a lesbian one, too. Plus I’m a trainer and I’ve got some great workshops on offer to go with the show! So come to Booth #13 and get a kiss! Well… a Hershey’s chocolate kiss .

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