Breakthrough Arts Careers for Artists with Day Jobs

How do we serve our art, when we also have to spend time in a day job?

Neuroscience-based coaching looks at how we can manage our brain in order to handle the demands of two careers, quiet our inner critics, and release our greatest creativity.

We can create the life we ultimately want.

Group Coaching for Artists with Day Jobs you will:

  • Define your vision as an artist, and an action plan to achieve your goals
  • Define the most supportive “day jobs” for you, and an action plan to get one
  • Use the PQ app to develop “brain muscles” that help you expand your creativity and overcome inner critics and distractions
  • Leverage “brain timing,” which allows you to meet the demands of your “day job” while still expanding your arts career
  • Harness the brain’s love of repetition to create small habits to maximize your efforts in all areas
  • Allow you to focus on the joys of creativity, as opposed to the stresses of the art world, by keeping your limbic system calm and centered
  • Find real peace and space from your inner tormentors and critics