Seneca Falls and the Women’s Rights Park

After my show last Wednesday in upstate NY, I drove to Syracuse – 140 miles. In the rain, on country roads. Yikes! I thought I’d sleep in a bit on Thursday, but no luck. I gave up and got on the road. I ended up being really glad that I had. Along Highway 90 from Syracuse to Rochester, there is a little town named Seneca Falls. My interest was immediately piqued. Seneca Falls, of course, was the site of the first Women’s Rights Convention, in 1848. Anyway, I turned off the highway, drove into town, and found this: A National … Read more

Alan Alda and Communicating Science

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be working with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science (! I heard about them in early May.  Apparently, about 5 years, Alan Alda, started teaching improv to scientists.  It was the only acting training he’d ever taken!  It had helped him be relaxed and personable in front of the camera.  He wanted to know whether it would work for scientists, too… and it does! A whole program has developed around this.  They are based in SUNY, Stony Brook (Long Island).  Both the Journalism and the Theatre departments are involves.  The SUNY SB head … Read more