Physics of Love

“The Physics of Love” is a romantic comedy with themes from science’s Universe Story. In this multi-character one-woman show, “Lisa” is a science teacher who revels in her geekiness, seeing everything in her life through the lens of science – from her family’s homophobia, to the chaos of her 7th grade class to her bumpy search for love. She is surrounded with quirky characters, including students, many bad dates and finally, The Right One. But will she be able to give love a chance?  Filled with humor and intelligence, this show will delight and inspire you!

For both press reviews and comments from her college tour, see Press.


"Jennifer Joy combines humor, science, and humanity in an excellent show about one life in a vast universe.”


Lamont (Monty) Hempel, PhD

Hedco Professor and Director,

Center for Environmental Studies

University of Redlands

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