Where Science Meets Art

The Evolution Stories

In this series, vocal sound FX master Benu Muhammad and I play with themes from evolution.

In “I Am Life”, sound FX master) and I try to answer: What is life?

In “Evolution Cooperates and Creates,” we ask the question, "Is competition the only driver for evolution?" And answer with bad French accents and NASCAR metaphors.

In “The Extinction/Recovery Voicestra”, we trace the five major extinctions of life on earth… and life’s recovery from each of them.

In “Minda the Mammal”, we look at the life of one little mammal during the Jurassic: her joys, her heartbreaks, and her “spicy fun”!

The Chaos Theory of Now

These episodes explore themes related to my new solo show. For more on the show click here.

The First Artists

In this stories, we consider the evolution of creativity. Why might early humans have scratched out pictures on cave walls, or left their handprints on rocks? Maybe for a ritual? Maybe to share what you’ve seen with a friend? These stories explore those possibilities.