Critical Raves for “The Physics of Love”

…(a) powerhouse performer, Jennifer Joy Pawlitschek has written and performs a multimedia piece involving quantum physics… Not only is Ms. Pawlitschek strikingly beautiful in her tall bearing, she’s highly articulate and bright, and puts on a captivating show.” -Mark Mardon, Bay Area Reporter

* * *

“The Physics of Love” is a hit!  It’s magic!

Lisa’s lovemaking scene is one of the best that I’ve seen in which everyone keeps her clothing on. The rich traditions of oral interpretation-prose, people, poetry-vocally make fluid the movements, sounds, nuances and satisfaction of lovemaking, as well as the limerance of the morning after. The performance is luminous… Lisa’s revelations after the Fight begin the phoenix cycle of smoldering, combustion, immolation and ultimately the reinvention and rebirth of an even better relationship. This takes this one-woman show beyond the ordinary…

There is a striking use of slides, drawings, background and light on the screen behind the live performance, the reason for its existence. Once the performance began, I was no longer aware of the flickering tea light on my table or of the others around me. Pawlitschek integrates the particular aspects of physics, the interpretation, the operation of the laws of nature on psyches and personalities as seamlessly as one line of poetry leads into the next. -Sherri Rase,

* * *

“Jennifer Joy combines humor, science and humanity in an excellent show about one life in a vast universe.”  -Lamont (Monty) Hempel, PhD., Hedco Professor and Director, Center for Environmental Studies, University of Redlands

* * *

“There was amazing distinction between each character, with the voices and the body gestures.  The science aspect played beautifully into the love story and I loved that it was not boom!  Happily ever after.  It was, ‘let’s try this again’. Jennifer is amazing!”  -Jack McKenna, SUNY Potsdam

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