IBHA Performance

I borrowed this image from littlebighistory.com. Cool right? Recently, I got to perform at the International Big History Association conference. Funded generously by Bill Gates, this group “…seeks to understand the integrated history of the Cosmos, Earth, Life, and Humanity, using the best available empirical evidence and scholarly methods.” (From ibhanet.org) So – my work fits right in, since I use the scientific history of the universe as a frame and back drop for a comedic love story in my show, The Physics of Love. (http://jenniferjoyonline.com/physics-of-love) It was a fun performance!  

The SciArt6 Troupe

For several years, I’ve been working with the Association of Environmental Sciences and Studies (aess.info), bringing the arts to their conferences. This year, the conference is at Pace in NYC (June 11-14), so I decided to put together a troupe of NYC performers to create work inspired by the conference themes.  I was thrilled to find amazingly talented people who were also super-smart and able to read and understand the research that AESS members will present at the conference.  Together, we have created work that will entertain, inspire and inform.  The company: Benumerata Muhammad (Benu) is a slam poet, rapper, … Read more