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“Jen’s a thorough and loving teacher who gives you the inspiration to stay with a powerful method until you begin to see its effectiveness… It has unleashed my creativity and pushed me to successfully attempt new thresholds professionally and personally.” – Poonam Srivastava, writer

Improv for STEM:  Become an Ace Presenter

Improv: Break the Ice, Build Connections, Increase Participation

Innovate: Creative Thinking Skills for Scientists, Engineers & IT Professionals

Create Your Own Solo Performance Piece!

Improv for STEM:  Become an Ace Presenter

Expand your communication skills while having fun!

STEM 2 seriousCan non-performers develop the same communication skills as performers?  Of course they can!

In this lively workshop, participants improve their communication skills with time-tested techniques from  improvisational masters.  Participants work quickly through blocks and nervousness to uncover their own natural expressiveness. By the end workshop, participants will be able to:

*Grab any audience from the beginning;

*Relax and use their natural gestures to communicate their message;

*Use their voice dynamically to maintain interest throughout a presentation; and

*Engage an audience throughout their presentation using extra techniques and “tricks”.

Book this workshop and become the brilliant presenter you were always meant to be!

Improv: Break the Ice, Build Connections, Increase Participation

Make your groups more fun and effective!

In this energetic, joy-filled workshop, participants play rainbow linegroup games designed to free creativity and encourage deeper self-expression. These games, which can incorporate scientific facts, history and culture, or other topical issues, also establish and build group dynamics. By the end workshop, participants will:

*Experience stronger group cohesion and connections among members

*be able to use improv exercises to help participants work through pain and find joy

*be able to use improv exercises to build and manage group dynamics

*be able to use improv exercises to bring together diverse groups of people

*be able to teach LGBTQIA  or other minority’s history, scientific facts or other topical issues through improv exercises

“I’ve been continually impressed with Jennifer’s fresh, engaging approach to her teaching. It’s impossible to be bored in her class. Her sense of humor keeps the mood light and fun!” -Jordan Gallagher, IT Professional


Innovate:  Creative Thinking Skills for Scientists, Engineers and IT Professionals

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.” -John Dewey

Jennifer Joy Catalyze workshop People in the sciences and technology face unprecedented challenges today, including eco-crises, accelerating technological development, and more. These challenges demand not only analytical skills, but also lateral/creative thinking skills. How can scientists develop these skills?

Drawing on a mix of creativity research, improvisation, and Edward de Bono’s lateral thinking exercises, this workshop helps scientists at all levels/stages (undergrad, grad, post-doc and professional) develop the skills that lead to innovation. Participants:

*Learn about the impact of creativity on scientific research, discovery and innovation

*Get solid examples of creative scientists & the breakthroughs they’ve made

*Develop their own lateral thinking skills via exercises from improvisation and creativity research (including Edward de Bono’s work)

*Get repeatable exercises for future development

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Create Your Own Solo Performance Piece!

Create Work Inspired by Personal Biography & Passion

Jennifer Joy Solo Piece workshopSometimes the most revolutionary act is to tell your story. People who have experienced oppression have also experienced tremendous silencing. By creatively bringing together your biography and passions you can create a work of art that heals and transforms both you and the audience. In this workshop, participants will:

*identify what story they most need to tell

*work through any blocks to telling the story

*use a series of creative exercises, including writing and improv techniques, to discover the form the story wants to take

*create an outline of the show and a plan for further development

“Jennifer did a great job at our writing seminar…. My folks… all agreed that they learned a great deal and will be using a number of the techniques that Jennifer touched on during the afternoon…Jennifer was the perfect person to fit into our group… All in all, a great afternoon.” -Rey Thomas, Community Director, Aetna